Here are some of our most Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the Mixed Chix Society (MXCX)?

A: The Mixed Chix Society is a women owned business that facilitates women empowerment seminars. Women from diverse backgrounds come together every six weeks for a presenter led seminar. The purpose for these seminars is TO TEACH, TO INSPIRE AND TO HAVE FUN. The seminars are ONLY opened to women from all ages and include 17+ to 97 years young.

Q: How do I join The Mixed Chix Society?

A: By Joining our newsletter or visiting our Join Us page.

Q: How much does it cost to join?

A: The Mixed Chix Society is free and does not compete with any group or membership organizations. All events are optional for you to attend. We do however, charge an admittance fee of $15 for a guest and $25 for a merchant at each event which covers basic services provided at the events. We have two types of participants at our events; a Guest and/or Merchant. A Guest is someone who simply comes to the seminar and participates in it's activities. A Merchant is a woman who pays for booth rental in order to generate monies for personal items that will be sold to other guests other guests at the event. At each event Every woman has an option of being a guest or merchant at any time she chooses to. You register in only to be listed on our mail out list so that you will receive an email invite for the next event. We also post this information on our website under the EVENT TAB. Your attendance is always optional and we don't hold it personally if you can't come as we are women and understand that things do come up from time to time. RSVP's are requested in order to make room for seating arrangements. Of course, we can always try to squeeze one more chair ad hoc on the day of event if you forgot to RSVP.

If you would like to show additional support, donations and WE are ALWAYS most grateful! To donate to the Mixed Chix Society please click the link below.

Q: Who Can Join the Mixed Chix Society?

A: Every woman and ANY woman is always welcomed to join us at any of our events.

Q: What topics are typical at the Mixed Chix Society Events?

A: We are very receptive and take on women's requests for topic selection and presentation. In the past, we had speakers who spoke on Guidelines for living Smarter; An English Tea Affair and Table Etiquette; Getting Over the Holiday Blues in a Holistic and Natural Way and Healthy Heart, Healthy Eating with a Cordon Bleu Chef's food preparation and tasting presentation. We have created a 'Spiritual Moment' where we ask our women 'to Pray together for our own personal Manifestations'. Our mission after all is to inspire women mentally, physically and spiritually.

Q: Whom should I contact if I have problems or have questions?

A: Send an email to at the website.

Q: So what is the inspiration of the Mixed Chix Society and why is it held?

A: The Mixed Chix Society holds women empowerment seminars so that women can get to know each other and create a lasting 'Girlfriend Bonding'. Our idea is that this needs to be done globally and across cultural barriers in order to lead more positive lives. We can build 'girl' friendships in our personal lives as well as network in our professional and business lives to build better support systems. The Mixed Chix Society is not like your professional networking groups as it's aim is to have a better appreciation of all women no matter from what background they come from. We like to create a flair for elegance and ambience at each of our events so that we can have a better women appreciation time. We give out raffle prizes, acknowledge our 'women bond'. We create a bazaar where women can shop, a dynamic robust feeling of women empowerment and provide individuaized goodie bags for women to take home. We gather, Teach, Inspire and have Fun while we build and mend fences across cultural barriers and global backgrounds. The Mixed Chix Society hold their meetings at different geographical Houston Facilities so that we can reach EVERY woman from all walks of life.

Q: Is there a blog for the Mixed Chix Society where women can drop messages?

A: Yes. It is listed under the blog tab of the website. We want to hear your opinions and what you are doing so drop off some information at our blog.

Q: Are there any other program offerings through the Mixed Chix Society?

A: Yes. We are currently working with two large corporations in the Houston, TX area to present two topics of interest to their employees; one deals with Cultural Diversity Programs in the Work Place and the other one with providing classroom Insttructor led training on Continuing Education Unit Certificate programs for Social Workers and Nurses. Our offerings can be conducted in both Spanish and English.




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